Robert Stewart

HR Officer
I joined the business after working in recruitment for a large domiciliary care company in Nottingham. I felt the role was a great opportunity to develop my skills and put what I had learned on my HR Management Masters course into action, which has proved to be the case. One thing you can be sure of when joining Pathfinders-Care is a friendly welcome and staff will go the extra mile to ensure your start with ourselves leaves you confident in your ability to succeed in your role. I have enjoyed the development opportunities I have received since joining the business in October 2020 with development being a key part of Pathfinders-Care’s approach to its people. If you want to achieve in care I have seen Pathfinders-Care are truly the employer of choice.

Sandra Hull

Housekeeping Team Leader
In 2012 I applied for a job at Pathfinders-Care on the housekeeping team, I was lucky to get an interview which was successful.
I stated on the 19th March 2012 as a weekend housekeeper as I had two small children to take care of, so the hours suited my home life perfectly.
I felt I fit well into the team of four housekeepers, my unit was Cedars/Oaks and i had a good relationship with all staff and patients, I soon increased my hours going from 10 to 30 making me a full time housekeeper.
The business was expended and the Housekeeping team doubled in size, at this point the management team decided a Team Leader was needed, I applied for the position and was elated to be given such a fantastic opportunity.
In 2017 as I started my journey as a team leader overseeing 6 units, 76 bedrooms, 12 staff, all communal areas and I could not be happier.
I enjoy my job very much and I thank the management team for all their help and the opportunity’s that have given to me.

Jinni Henson

Business Services Manager
I joined Pathfinders in September 2020 after a 12 year career in Hospitality. My role of Business Services Manager is a new role, overseeing the Business Support Team and all internal/external communications within the business. I am very excited to be given this opportunity, Pathfinders-Care have welcomed me into their family and I am very much enjoying to being a part of this fast growing business.

Donna Mcfarlane

Patient & Family Liaison Officer
I came to work for Pathfinders at the beginning of 2014 as an Enabler. I had experience with brain injuries in my previous job but Pathfinders opened my eyes to other complex needs. I was amazed at the care and treatment patients required. I then applied for the position of Unit Clerk as my knowledge of patients, medical conditions and medications would be advantageous in this area. I really enjoyed this role and had the opportunity to liaise with professionals, attend MDT & DST meetings and arranging appointments etc. The role of Unit Clerk places you right at the centre of Pathfinders which meant I got to work with all disciplines within Pathfinders including Nurses, Therapy Team, Management, Enablers and patients. I felt like patients and relatives needed more dedicated time for questions regarding their loved ones and also didn’t know who to call or speak to for information. I mentioned this to Senior Management and this lead to a discussion which created a role to specifically support patients and relatives, and for that role to be a point of contact for both, especially during the transition period of a patient being admitted and throughout their rehabilitation or stay. This role became Patient & Family Liaison Officer and I have been committed to this role for the last two years and I absolutely love it. The last year has been tough for everyone and we have all had to adapt our lives and ways of working due to the pandemic. For me this meant concentrating on increased communications such as video calls and telephone calls and now co-ordinating room visits for patients/relatives which is one of my favourite parts. Oh the tears when they saw each other for the first time in months & months is a memory I will never forget. I am so looking forward to what the future holds.

Veronica Brain

Business Support Administrator
I started my journey here at Pathfinders in 2018. I first began working on the Housekeeping team ensuring all the bedrooms and communal areas were tidy and presentable. In September 2018, I applied to be the main receptionist and was successful, from that day, I knew that was the role for me, working within a team and supporting other departments in the business. From then I progressed from reception working on our new software, Planday, making sure it was compatible with the business and staff. With the new skills I had learnt I then went on to working in Payroll which I am now in the process of completing my level 2 course. Pathfinders is a great place to work if you are driven and wanting to progress further into a career, there are endless development opportunities to succeed.

David Taylor-Randall

Lead Ward Clerk
I started my career with Pathfinders back in November 2014 as an enabler working with a fantastic team on Cedars.
I had worked previously in community care but had never worked within a care home environment before and, Pathfinders was a bit of an eye opener for me with all the complex needs of the patients.
During my role as an enabler I was given the opportunity to undertake lots of training to enable me to further fulfil my role.
In August 2015 I was asked to step up to the Team Leader role by the senior management team. This opened up a whole new learning curve for me. I was trained to administer medication, I became a moving and handling trainer, fire marshal and later trained to be a medication assessor. With my training came experience of basic observations checking BP’s, BM’s, BMI’s another role was to update and review care plans, making sure that the care plan reviews reflected the current needs of the patients.
In 2017 the position of temporary ward clerk became available due to maternity leave of an existing ward clerk. I applied for the position and started my training in this new role. This was an amazing challenge compared to my previous role and through training gave me an even bigger insight into the needs of our patients. The role became a permanent position some months later and I took over the role full time based over two units (Cedars & Pines). This role really gave me so much more understanding and training. I started to deal directly with the nursing team, GP’s, social Workers, the CCG’s and countless other external disciplines. In this role I continued with my personal development and maintained my training so as to be able to assist other staff in their role as required by the needs of the business.
Now to 2021 I have now changed role again this time to lead ward clerk overseeing the ward clerk team. The role comes with more training and gives me more responsibilities dealing with more complex paperwork as well as supporting the other ward clerks in their role.
I feel sure as this is a new role for me that there will be plenty challenging experiences ahead and lots of scope for me to improve my knowledge and skills.

Margaret Mohammed

I love my role as PST (Personal Support Team) I find it very rewarding being able to support an individual on a 1:1 basis. The young gentlemen I currently support is a real character, since I became his 1:1 I have learnt ways to communicate with him and to understand what he needs.

We have karaoke and disco afternoons, we close the curtains, put his flashing lights on, music and dance around the room with him in his wheelchair, it’s such an amazing feeling to hear him laugh and seeing him enjoy himself.

This young man is my third 1:1 patient since I started this role approx. 6 years ago, I began my journey in the kitchen nearly 13 years ago, I role I really enjoyed but found my niche when I joined the PST team.

I love that that get to help promote their independence where possible and I give 100% to making every day a happy day.

Jeanette Beckett

Finance Officer
My role at Pathfinders is Finance Officer. I joined the business at the beginning of 2020 after one of my family members had experienced the outstanding care that they received when they were admitted due to having an accident. At that heart breaking point in my life I was met with caring, friendly staff and knew my loved family member was safe and cared for. From day one of my employment I was met by the same friendly staff and made to feel at ease exactly the same as I had when I was a visitor. Since my employment began I have progressed within the company and feel a valued member of the team. I thoroughly enjoy my role at Pathfinders and feel well supported. Pathfinders supports all staff and gives lots of opportunities to allow you to grow within the business and I know that this will continue throughout my employment with the company.

Anne Siddall

Housekeeping Team Leader
I joined Pathfinders in June 2017 on the housekeeping team, I started on a 25 hour contract working on Willows. I really enjoyed working on the unit getting to know the patients & staff, as the business grew, the team expanded and a vacancy for a second team leader was advertised. I applied, was successful and joined Sandra a few weeks later.
I really enjoy my job, it’s very rewarding and with all the skills I have learnt I now also help out as an enabler, cook in the kitchen or in the laundry.

Lesley Armstrong

Kitchen Team Leader
I joined Pathfinders-Care in 2012 as an enabler, I settled in well and was enjoying my role. The following year a vacancy for a kitchen assistant was advertised, and after a successful interview I was so excited for a new challenge with another fantastic team.

Angela, one of our directors was very impressed with my work and asked if I would take on the role of Team Leader… I was elated!!
I love creating meals for our patients, i especially enjoy learning new skills at various courses i attend in order to give our patients exactly what they ask for! 
Pathfinders-Care is a great place to work with excellent training and progression opportunities.
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